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Keyholder End User Licence Agreement

Keyholder End User License Agreement

Welcome to the Keyholder App. This End User License Agreement ("Agreement") is between you and C B Newham ("the author"), the creator of Keyholder. This Agreement applies to your use of Keyholder, available through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and other third-party app stores. Acceptance of Terms: By installing Keyholder, you agree to this Agreement. If you disagree with any terms, please do not use the app.

Content Policy: Keyholder has a strict policy against objectionable content. If you encounter such content, use the Report button next to the content.

  1. Parties:

    • This Agreement is solely between you and the author, not Apple, Inc. (“Apple”) or Google, Inc. (“Google”). However, both Apple and Google, as third-party beneficiaries, have the right to enforce these terms.

  2. Privacy:

    • The author respects your privacy. Usage information collected by the Keyholder App is not shared with third parties and is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  3. License:

    • You are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use Keyholder for personal, non-commercial purposes, subject to the App Store Terms of Service.

  4. Age Restrictions:

    • Users must be 17 years or older. Users under 17 need verifiable parental consent. We may terminate access if we discover a user is under 17 without proper consent.

  5. Objectionable Content:

    • Users must not submit content that is sexually explicit, violent, unlawful, infringing, or promotes illegal activities. Violations will result in content removal and potentially account termination.

  6. Warranty:

    • The author provides Keyholder "as is" and disclaims all warranties to the extent permitted by law.

  7. Maintenance and Support:

    • Minimal maintenance or support is offered unless required by law.

  8. Product Claims:

    • The author is not responsible for legal claims related to the app, including product liability, legal compliance, or consumer protection issues.

  9. Intellectual Property Claims:

    • The author is not obligated to defend you against third-party intellectual property claims but will assume responsibility if legally required. By using Keyholder, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

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